Please be sure to review the matters stipulated below before using the transfer search service in the Tokyo Station Expressway Bus Terminal website (hereinafter, “Service”). By beginning to use this Service, you are deemed to have agreed to the matters set below.

About the Service
  • JR Bus Kanto Co., Ltd., provides the Service using “Transfer/Timetable Service” provided by Navitime Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Please use the search results and similar information provided by the Service strictly as guides. While we have carefully reviewed the data provided herein before making it available, we do not guarantee their accuracy.
  • The Service may be suspended, terminated, or changed without giving prior notification to our customers.
Timetables, fares, etc.
  • The timetable data contained in the Service is updated by Navitime Japan Co., Ltd. Due to the timing of information provision by the information providers or other reasons, the revision of the timetables in the Service may not be completed by the time the revised timetables become effective when transportation companies revise their timetables due to changes in their service planning diagrams.
  • Bus timetables are displayed based on the scheduled service-planning diagrams. Actual departure/arrival times and other information may differ from the displayed times due to road conditions and other reasons.
  • The contents of the JR Bus data are based on data for July 2018 produced by Transportation News Co., Ltd.
  • The timetable data for some non-JR bus routes are based on the July 2018 issue of “JTB Jikokuhyo.”
  • Unauthorized reproduction, duplication, or processing into electromagnetic media, etc. of this timetable data is prohibited.
  • Certain bus stops are skipped during busy periods, including year-end, New Year, Golden Week, o-bon, days when events are held, and when intensive construction work is underway on expressways. The Service does not cover such stop-skipping.
Route search results
  • The Service does not take into account disruptions, etc. in transportation services due to accidents, weather conditions, traffic conditions, etc.
  • We do not guarantee successful connections at transfers.
  • Depending on the time and date specified in the search conditions, the Service may display route search results that do not reflect data incorporating changes in service-planning diagrams.

Please note that neither JR Bus Kanto Co., Ltd., nor Navitime Japan Co., Ltd., will bear any responsibility for any accidents, damage, etc. arising from the matters set above or the use or inability to use this Service.

Revisions to this page

The matters set above may be amended without prior notification to our customers. Please check this page as needed and use the Service after accepting the contents herein.